April Fool is a hit with Eclipse readers

April 2009: Thank You to all those who sent us comments on the Ascot story yesterday – hopefully you have all realised by now it was an April Fool!

Our fave responses included:

“I think it’s a great idea that jockeys should wear full morning dress for Royal Ascot. I’ve always said that they have no sense of style – wearing outfits with colours that clash and oh, those patterns!!!” – Sharon

“Well done on the April Fool – it took me a good hour to work out that it wasn’t bad grammar on behalf of Charles Barnett which allowed for this piece of wit! You must have spent quite a while getting the image right – brilliant. As Elbow say (or something like this) – one day a year like this is all I need.” – Jacqueline

And simply:

“Ho Ho!” – Stuart

Glad you all enjoyed it (if you missed it, click here) and we would like to thank Ascot for having such a great sense of humour!



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