After Lockdown – Close Shave or Stay Rugged

Lockdown life gave many men the opportunity to try the bearded look without having to show that awkward straggly/patchy phase to amused commuters and work colleagues.

The question is ‘Will you keep or lose the beard after lockdown?

Stay Rugged

Success! You now have a full-grown beard and like it! During lockdown, you may have let it grown wild but now it is time to tame the beast and seriously start grooming.

Beard Wash – Ordinary shampoo can be used; however beard hair is a different texture and would probably benefit from a specialised wash product.

Jack Black’s Beard Wash helps cleanse, condition and soften facial hair.

Ingredients include jojoba protein to help maintain moisture in the beard and skin underneath; panthenol to help strengthen and moisturise the hair; aloe leaf juice powder which helps soothe dryness and irritation of the skin beneath the beard; organic sea kelp to help normalise the skin’s moisture content and shea butter to help hydrate and moisturise dry skin and hair.

Price £21.

Beard Oil– Beards can often be brittle so need a little help to become a big softie. 

Ruffian’s Argan Beard Oil  is rich in argan oil to lock in moisture; tea tree and citrus extracts to naturally cleanse the beard and energise the skin beneath, whilst vitamins and omega-rich essential oils nourish to support healthy hair condition.

Suitable for vegans with no silicone or SLS. Price £25.

Daily brushing –  Award winning salon and beard owner Dan Mewies of Mewies & Co recommends a natural bristle to stimulate blood circulation promoting a healthy fuller beard and getting rid of any dead skin cells.

Kent Beard Brush £19.80  has specially cut and shaped boar bristles to handle the coarsest of facial hair whilst being gentle on the skin.

Now the barbers are opening, go for a regular beard sculpt and trim. Your barber can recommend what type of beard will suit your face shape to ensure you look super soigné.

Come Clean (Shaven) Again

The beard didn’t work. It was a close shave but as you venture out of lockdown it’s time to come clean (shaven) again.

Take extra time and care with the first shave to remove the beard. Barber Harry Bradley advises to cut the beard with clippers right down to stubble, then apply hot water on the face and exfoliate to open the pores.

Jack Black’s Face Buff Energising Scub  is a pre-shave cleanser and facial scrub in one for an easier closer shave.

Bamboo powder scrubbing particles help to unclog pores, remove oil, dirt and dead skin cells whilst liquorice extract and allantoin minimise shaving irritation.

Price £18.50.

Harry also advises to massage pre shave oil into the skin before applying shaving cream.

Murdock’s Pre Shave Oil is 100% natural oils to help ensure a smooth less irritation shave.

The natural oils soften the skin and hair for the shave and provide a lubrication layer for your shaving cream. 

Price £18.

More of Harry’s tips: Apply the shaving cream using circular movements to lift the hair up. Then shave with the hair growth at first, then apply more shaving cream and shave against the growth.

Kent Wet Shave Set is designed for a traditional close wet shave that leaves the skin moisturised and supple. The set includes the Infinity synthetic shaving brush, chrome shaving brush stand and 75ml tube of menthol skin conditioning shaving cream. Price £25.

After the shave, dip a flannel into cold water and place over the face to help close the pores and then use your favourite moisturiser.

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