A Heady Summer

Summer is here, it’s sunny and time to head to the beach, park or just the garden to enjoy those rays.

You have applied your sunscreen to protect your skin, but what about your hair and scalp? A hat is a great solution but even at the races not all ladies wear a full hat, preferring a fascinator.

The scalp is often overlooked resulting in sunburn (especially on fine hair) which then results in itchy flaky dandruff. A neglected scalp can lead to hair thinning or loss.

Monpure London offers two products for treating the after-effects of a sunburnt scalp.

Monpure Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum  Price £96.

Ingredients include anti-inflammatory witch hazel, protective Pro Vitamin B5 and allantoin – an extract from the root of the comfrey plant. Allantoin is used to calm irritation and promote skin cell renewal, it draws and retains moisture like a sponge and is especially good for sensitive skin.

Gently massage in a few drops into your roots morning and night to soothe stressed scalp-skin and deliver a good dose of moisture in the process. 

Like sunburn on the skin anywhere, the scalp will start to peel and begin shedding.

Monpure Clarifying Scalp Scrub  will gently buff away the dead skin cells and debris with biodegradable, non-abrasive jojoba beads.

Other ingredients include moisturising and healing shea butter, nourishing argan oil extract and the relaxing scent of orange and rosemary to help banish stress. The scalp scrub also helps alleviate symptoms of dandruff and psoriasis. It also removes the build up of dirt and debris that accumulates on the scalp that can inhibit hair growth.

Price £63.

All Monpure products are free from parabens, sulphates and silicones. All testing processes are vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic.

Scalp sunscreen is a must for fine hair, and even if you are blessed with a thick head of hair, your parting is exposed especially with hairstyles such as braiding and plaits. 

Calupso Scalp Protection SPF30 can be sprayed through the hair onto the scalp or directly on to exposed parts such as partings. It is quick drying, non-greasy and water resistant. Price £4.49.

Hair also needs sun protection as too much sun can cause dryness and can discolour dyed hair. 

Calypso Sun Sea Hair Protection Cream with Argan Oil  contains UV filters to protect your hair from the sunlight and reduce colour fading. The argan oil helps to rehydrate the hair. Apply to damp or dry hair Price £5.99.

Don’t be tempted to let the sun lighten your hair; you could find the soft golden highlights you were hoping for turn out to be bold and brassy. Violet shampoos can help neutralise the yellow tinge in blonde and grey hair caused by the sun, sea and chlorine.

Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde/Silver Brightening Shampoo  and Pure Blonde/Silver Brightening Conditioner feature optical brighteners, which fluoresce under UV light so hair appears brighter and shinier. Unlike other violet shampoos, it says it does not deposit purple tones or stain the hair. Both products are vegan friendly and priced at £20 each.

Sunshine is not the only concern – cooling off in the sea or swimming pool can frazzle the hair too.

Philip Kingsley developed a water resistant hair mask at the request of the first US Olympic Synchronised swimming team.

Swimcap Water Resistant Mask  helps protect your hair from the drying and damaging effects of chlorine, salt water and UV rays. It also helps prevent colour fading on colour treated hair and helps prevent blonde hair turning green (due to the copper content in pools).

Ingredients include hydrolysed elastin which adds strength, body and elasticity to reduce breakage, castor oil to help lock in moisture and olive oil which is high in Vitamin E to help lock in moisture and boost shine.

Sulphate and paraben free. The bio plastic bottles are made from sugarcane-derived ethanol. Price £19.

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