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Celebrity Katie Price also known as Jordan, is famous for her love of horses… so when we discovered she was sponsoring the Ladies’ Evening at Exeter Racecourse this summer (2009), we asked her to tell us about her interest in racing:


What is KP Equestrian?


It’s my own equestrian company. I started it last year as I’ve been a rider all my life but always found the clothes boring so I thought I’d bring out my own range of stuff and bring a bit of glamour and sparkle onto the yard!

Why has KP Equestrian chosen to sponsor the Ladies Evening at Exeter Racecourse?

They asked us if we’d be interested and as I love racing and love fashion, it seemed a good partnership.

How often do you go to the races?

Like most things I do, not often enough! Probably just a couple of times a year but I love going.

Which is your favourite course and why?

Well I know I should say Exeter but unfortunately I haven’t been there as it’s too far from where I live.

Have you ever been to a racecourse Ladies’ Day before?

I went to Ladies’ Day at Ascot last year. I went with Pete [husband Peter Andre] and had a great time. Not sure we won anything but it was fun losing.

What do you enjoy most about the races?

Seeing lots of fabulous horses.

What would be your top tip for what to wear to the races?

Something bright and glamorous. And pay attention to detail and make sure everything matches.

Do you ever bet at the races, and have you had any luck?

Yes, but not much because I don’t really know what I’m doing.

How do you make your betting selection?

Well not in a very considered way, just by the name and the colours really.

Do you own a racehorse (or part of one!) yourself?

No, and don’t get me started because once I do I know I’ll be hooked!

Have you ever ridden in a race or would you like to?

I was asked to take part in a celebrity race last year but I decided it was a bit too dangerous. I’m a mum of three after all!

Where might we see you at the races this year?

Well to be honest I’ve got such a busy year this year that it’ll probably just be at Ascot.


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