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3 Horse Racing-Themed Games Worth Playing


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Horse racing was one of the very first sports to be created in the world.


For many sports fans, the best thing about horse racing is the unpredictability of the races. This unpredictability makes the sport extremely exciting for fans to watch. Not only that but since the races are unpredictable, there’s usually a high reward offered for fans who choose to bet on these races. This is why so many fans can’t wait for popular races like the Grand National. 

However, despite the huge number of horse-racing events, many horse racing fans feel they do not get to watch or enjoy horse racing as often as they’d like to. One way fans are overcoming this issue is by playing horse racing-themed games when there’s no live horse racing on tv. If you like the sound of this, then here are some of the best horse racing-themed games that we think you’ll love:

1. Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Game

Horse racing and gambling have gone hand in hand for thousands of years now. Therefore, it is only natural to find amazing representation in one of the most popular gambling games today – online slots. 

One of the best horse racing-themed online slots is Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Game. Frankie Dettori was one of the worlds most respected jockeys. One of the main reasons the world fell in love with Frankie Dettori was because in 1997, he created history by becoming the first jockey to ever ride to victory with all seven winners at Ascot. 

If you love horse racing, you love playing slots and you’re looking for a horse racing-themed game to play in your spare time, then this slot game is perfect for you. It is a 7 reel, 25 pay line slot game that has amazing graphics, bonus features, and animations. Why not check it out?

2. Long Shot

Long Shot is a light strategy horse racing-themed board game that is perfect for a family game night or for a relaxing time with like-minded horse-racing mad friends. This game is for between 3-8 players, and it is recommended that players are at least eight years of age. 

In this betting game, players can choose from ten different horses. Each of the horses has its own set of abilities. Players take turns to roll two dice. One dice determines which horse moves, and the other will tell you how many spaces you have to move. The game ends when three horses pass the finish line. 

3. Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge


If you’re an Xbox or PlayStation player who is looking for a horse-racing themed game, then Phar Lap is a great option for you. This game is easy to play, and enjoyable too. This game allows you to experience the thunder, excitement, and thrills of racing, as well as the prestige and pride of building your own stables. Players can also access an online Betting and Racing mode, which allows you to play with friends and download and share horses. What more could you want from a horse racing-themed game?

Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge

As we mentioned above, horse racing is one of the oldest sports in history, so it may come as no surprise that there have been several horse racing-themed games created over the years. From slot games to board games, there’s a huge selection for you to choose from. Which one will be your favourite?

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