Hybrid cars are the future, there is no doubt. This technology has taken off in recent years and Honda is widely considered to be one of the market leaders.


With so many people opting for a hybrid car, it is natural to be curious about the future of transport and you may appreciate a guide highlighting the advantages of a car that is not only a sound investment, but also a socially beneficial one.

First things first, how are these cars different from conventional cars? A lot of people have owned a hybrid vehicle at some point in their life without being aware, for example a moped is hybrid in essence. Basically, a hybrid motor combines the power of a gasoline engine with another power source; hence the name hybrid meaning of mixed origin or composition.

The hybrid cars that we see on the road at the moment are gasoline-electric hybrids, available from most local dealerships.

For the very best in hybrid cars UK dealers have a variety models for as little as £13,000. The Honda Insight, one of the most well-known hybrid cars in the UK, has a small conventional engine using an electric motor to give it extra help if required.

The car doesn’t incorporate a stop-start system and it can never run fully on an electric motor.

Now that we have gone through the basics of how these cars work let us explain the economic benefits of these electric cars:

Tax Breaks and Incentives

The Government has recognised the benefits of hybrid cars on UK roads and offers lower tax rates as an incentive to encourage more people to purchase a hybrid. The Honda Insight has one of the lowest fuel emission rates available, resulting in a pocket friendly 12 month road tax rate of just £20. Hybrid cars are also exempt from London’s notorious Congestion Charge.

Lower Fuel Costs

Hybrid cars’ fuel economy is in stark contrast to that of a traditional car, resulting in significant and noticeable savings at the pump. As an extra benefit, the oil used in hybrid engines, E85, not only produces less emissions than standard motor oil, it’s typically cheaper too.

The Future Looks Bright

Although hybrids sometimes cost more to buy, government incentives help to lower this cost. With new hybrid vehicles growing in popularity, competitive prices are being introduced which further increases the benefits of purchasing one of these cars. Also, with many hybrid 4×4 cars currently in development, the future looks bright for hybrid technology.

Regenerative Braking

A feature of hybrid cars is regenerative braking; this reduces speed simply by transferring the kinetic energy into electricity, which is stored in the car’s battery. As a result normal brake pads should last longer, reducing the consumption of another disposable part used in modern cars.

Alongside all of these economic advantages there are also social benefits too:

Reducing Emissions

Hybrid cars emit 35 per cent fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. By choosing a hybrid you can make a positive contribution to the fight against climate change.

Saving Fossil Fuels

Some of the bleakest predictions claim that if the current rate of gasoline consumption continues, we will run out of oil by 2013. Even if these predictions are exaggerated, hybrid cars use far less oil and are therefore better for our resources and the planet.

There you have it, with so many reasons to buy a hybrid car what is holding you back? You can rest assured that in purchasing one of these innovative vehicles you will be benefiting not only yourself and your bank balance but also society as a whole.

No doubt in the next few decades we will see fossil fuel run cars replaced by these hybrids, so be the first to purchase this state-of-the-art technology.


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