With summer now firmly upon us, many women’s minds are turning to the fashion and, more pointedly, which styles are going to be big over the next few months. So far as jewellery is concerned, there is one item that is always on the tips of all fashionista’s tongues for the summer period and that item is pearls. It is difficult to beat pearl jewellery when it comes to understated style throughout the season and, we are turning our attention to which types of pearls should be on your must-have list.

…so, which 3 styles of pearl jewellery should you be on the lookout for this summer?


Freshwater Pearls


Up first in our suggestions of pearls that are unmissable this summer, we have Freshwater pearls. Amongst the most affordable and eye-catching types of cultured pearls, if you want an elegant and sophisticated accessory to go with your outfit this summer period, Freshwater pearls will certainly tick all of the right boxes – take a look at the natural pastel colours of stunning Freshwater pearl necklace below and you’ll know exactly why these pearls will perfectly suit a relaxing, warm summer’s day:

Tahitian Pearls:

For pearl jewellery that is a touch more exotic and out of the ordinary this summer, then Tahitian pearls are a good choice for you. Heralding from the warm saltwater lagoons of French Polynesia, Tahitian pearls are available in a breathtaking range of natural colours such as black, grey, silver and aubergine and will perfectly complement any outfit that you opt for this summer. Tahitian pearls vary dramatically in price depending on the quality and type of pearl jewellery you are purchasing. Match a pearl with a sparkling diamond, for example, such as the beautiful Tahitian pearl pendant below:


South Sea Pearls

Last but by no means least in our selection of top 3 types of pearl this summer is that of South Sea pearls. If you’re a firm believer in the adage of ‘the bigger, the better’, then South Sea pearls are the right choice for you. Unrivalled in terms of size, these spectacular pearls are sourced throughout the Pacific Ocean – from the Philippines to Australia – and they are highly distinctive in appearance (something that makes them ideal if you’re intending on turning heads this summer). Available in a variety of different colours such as silvery white, champagne and gold, South Sea pearls are an elegant and stylish choice and one that won’t overpower your outfit but merely complement it superbly. Take a look at the sensational South Sea pearl necklace below and you’ll see what we’re mean (but, be warned, these pearls are BIG, so they’re much pricier!):

So, there you have it – our selection of which pearls are going to be big this summer. One of the main beauties of pearl jewellery is the fact that you can’t really go wrong with it – it goes with more or less anything so whichever pearl accessories you purchase this summer, you can rest assured that you will be wearing them throughout the rest of the year as well!

All images courtesy of www.winterson.co.uk.

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