Every good fashionista knows that no matter what you wear, a winning smile is the must-have accessory. Keep on smiling with the aid of the latest dental products available this season.

Kickstart your dental regime with Oral-B’s new 3D White® Whitestrips

A favourite in the USA, these strips have just reached the UK shore, so we too can experience the easy and safe option for a visible whitening effect at home. These strips are applied to the upper and lower teeth and then reaches below the enamel surface to remove stains keeping your teeth whiter for up to 12 months. Each pack contains 28 strips – 14 upper and 14 lower. Only available from your dentist. RRP approx £50.

Ditch the Manual and go Automatic!

It is so easy to apply too much pressure when brushing manually which can be harmful to the gums and also help wear away your irreplaceable enamel. Manual users on average will brush for less than one minute whilst the average electric toothbrush users go on for over two minutes, the dental recommended time. Here are two of the latest must-have electric toothbrushes.

Go Stylish

Philips Sonicare new DiamondClean Rose Gold Edition is a true fashionista’s delight combining style and substance. With its pearl finish and on trend rose gold detailing you won’t be hiding this in any bathroom cabinet. It comes with a chic glass beaker (again with rose gold detailing) that also acts as a charger for the handle, and a rose gold coloured compact travel case with USB charger for those Jet Setters amongst you.

The diamond shaped bristles provide a greater surface area for whiter teeth and removes up to seven times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

The product comes with five bespoke brush modes:

• Clean mode that optimised plaque removal

• White mode that removes surface stains

• Polish mode that brightens and polishes your teeth

• Gum Care that gently stimulates and massages gums

• Sensitive mode that is ideal for users with sensitive teeth and gums

RRP is £250 but Boots has a special offer at the moment of £124.99 – click here

Be Smart

Oral-B GENIUS is a revolutionary electric toothbrush and app innovation that is Oral-B’s most intelligent brushing system available to date. The new Oral-B GENIUS features Position Detection Technology that combines cutting-edge motion sensor technology and video recognition using the smart phone’s camera, to track areas being brushed so that no zone’s missed. Paired with the Oral-B App 4.1, the Position-Detection Technology in Oral-B GENIUS tracks brush position, and shows the user how to brush all zones in the mouth equally and evenly.

Users get instant feedback on the brushing of each one of six zones of the mouth via the Oral-B App 4.1 (available on Google Play and iTunes) including guidance on pressure applied and brushing duration.

Also features:

• Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating Technology to clean tooth by tooth.

• Triple Pressure Sensor Technology: protects gums from over-aggressive brushing by visually indicating when too much pressure’s applied, automatically decelerating brush speed, and stopping the pulsations.

• Professional Timer ensures each quadrant of the mouth is brushed for 30 seconds, to meet the dental recommended two minute brushing session.

It’s About Brushing for the Right Length, Not Pressing Too Hard, and Never Missing a Zone.

RRP £280. At the moment on offer from Boots for £140 – click here.

Finishing Touches

Finish your new smile regime with Oral-B 3D White Luxe Whitening Accelerator. A new product concept for Oral-B, this whitening boost is designed to be used after brushing with your normal toothpaste. It contains the highest level of Oral-B’s advanced Polyphosphate technology and dual silica system to help accelerate surface stain removal. Price £4.50.

Sweet Lips

After this refreshing workout, give yourself a sweet treat with BeeFayre Organic Lip Balms in a choice of lip smacking flavours. Made using beeswax and Melissa oil to keep those lips smooth and moisturised. All are registered on the PETA cruelty free products list. Price £5 each.

Flavours include:

Chocolate & Wild Mint

Fruity flavours: Fresh Lime & Lemon, Sweet Orange & Clementine, Mango & Mint, Peaches & Cream and Raspberry & Vanilla

Florals: Lavender & Bergamot and Rose Petal & Geranium

Spicy: Ginger & Cinnamon

Karen Grace studied Personal Styling at the London College of Fashion and is a registered affiliate member of the Federation of Image Professionals International. You can read more of Karen's fashion advice at: www.frumpytofunky.com For personal shopping and styling services you can reach her via frumpy to funky on contact@frumpytofunky

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