The Horsebox Gallery presents the new series of limited edition sculptures ‘The Land that is not’ by Swedish artist Johannes Nielsen.

The series was inspired by the poem ‘The Land that is not’ from Swedish poet Edith Södergran (1892–1923) and displays Nielsen’s signature style of black elegant elongated forms and figures in bronze. Nielsen explains: “I have started to try to collect inspiration from poems. After I read the poem I felt I wanted to ‘see’ how the poem felt like.”


After studying at Lunds art school in Sweden, Nielsen decided to live and work in the arts district of Beijing 798 Art Zone. Here over 7,000 artists from all over the world live and work including people who moved there many generations back with stories to tell about the cultural revolution when the area was mostly fields and poverty. Nielsen describes this mix as being like an “ink painting… The dark area is deep, dark and the lighter is paper. To be part of this is contrast is very inspiring.”

There are three main art districts in Beijing; 798, Caoshangdi and songzhuang. 798 is internationally recognised and hosts exhibitions by not only emerging Chinese artists but also established artists from the West and other parts of the world.

Johannes Nielsen has been working and living in this district for the last seven years and is hugely inspired by the area and the fusion of East & West. He is influenced by the sculpture of Edgar Degas and Chinese/Vietnamese artist Li cheng. Nielsen’s skilled and defined sculpture style has grown much admiration and his work is widely collected and exhibited around the world.

“When I was a young boy around 8 years old. Lying in my bed before falling asleep, a feeling often
came to me that my body parts were not the same in size and shape as I saw them during the day.
Sometimes, my thumb would turn into the size of a house and my hips became slim like a needle.
This fantasy became so vivid that at times I had to open my eyes just to confirm that it was not real.
It was at this stage that I started to become aware the different kinds of worlds in life-one you can
see, one you cannot; a rational objective reality and an inner reality in which we experience and exist, both equally true. The question I have asked myself since is how to transform this inner experience into a body by using clay and proportions. My sculptures are my suggestion for this internal space-not only does it exist but it is also a reality during the day when my eyes are open.” Johannes Neilsen

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