is proud to discover and attract products and services that we have Rated for Racing.

If we believe that a product, service, designer, retailer, hotelier or other company offers something that racegoers would really love to hear about then we are keen to help promote those companies to the racegoing audience.

One way in which we do this is to provide a Rated for Racing (R4R) logo. This is a rosette that we permit companies to use if we agree that racegoers would love their work.

The R4R logo may only be used with our permission so if you see it you can be sure the recommendation is valid.

(If you believe the logo is being misused or should not be applied to a particular company please do report it to us at – and please do not use it yourself without our permission first.)

If YOU, as a racegoer, would like to recommend a company to other racegoers we would also love to hear from you. Or if YOU as a company would like to be considered for R4R please do get in touch.

We hope you enjoy spotting products and services that are Rated for Racing while you are preparing for your racing day out or your racegoing lifestyle, and we hope you will build confidence in the logo as the project develops!

Karen can usually be found glued to her computer or at the stables. Having edited several national magazines she co-founded Eclipse Magazine in 2008 after realising that many of her friends were nervous about going racing due to lack of information – what to wear, how to bet etc. She absolutely loves her job (how many people can say that?!) and is truly grateful to all supporters of and contributors to Eclipse Magazine. If you are reading this she would like to say THANK YOU! (And please spread the word about Eclipse...!!)

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