Quick Guide to Betting Jargon

Chalk, Monkey, SP and Pony…it really is a foreign language but our quick guide will help…

Ante-post – this is betting that takes place before a race starts.


Chalk – a race favourite.

Dead – an underdog.

Jolly – a race favourite (again).

Juice – commission paid to a bookie.

Monkey – betting slang for £500.

Pony – betting slang for £25.

Sponk – a race favourite (again, again).

Springer or steamer – a horse whose odds shorten quickly in the betting.

SP or starting price – the price at which bets are settled by the bookies.

Tic-tac – relaying odds on the racecourse with hand signals.




Allison is the Publisher of Eclipse Magazine. She loves going to the Races and is learning to bet (despite being officially the worst bettor in the History of the Universe), there's a lot more to learn...

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