If you’re planning to spend Christmas in a hot climate – or are simply planning ahead for summer fun, this range of picnic pieces should definitely be in your wish-list! They also make perfect presents for those who love to entertain at the races…


Angeletti Ruzza Vacuum Flask


How’s this for a funky vacuum flask?!
With an outer casing made of a high quality shock-resistant plastic and an insulating glass inner, the Guzzini red vacuum flask is as effective as it is good looking.

The Angeletti Ruzza flask has a large easy-grip handle and lever-operated lid so you can serve hot or iced drinks with ease and style!

Price: £52

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Breathable Wine Glasses

Everyone knows that red wine needs to be left to breathe and it sometimes takes quite a while for wine to reach its peak levels of oxygenation…which is not ideal if you have a picnic party in full swing and simply want to get on with toasting your winning horses!

The solution? Just 2-4 minutes in the Breathable Glass will be equivalent to 1-2 hours in a normal wine glass!

These ingenious wine glasses have undergone a special oxygenising treatment enabling the glass to aerate your wine far more quickly than a normal glass. So now you can pour wine straight from a recently-opened bottle and will be perfectly oxygenated in just a few minutes.

Ideal for wine buffs!

Set of 2 – £23.99

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Cutlery Set – Mix and Match

What a great idea! This Mix & Match cutlery set contains 16 pieces of colourful cutlery in assorted patterns. No two pieces are the same – so if you lose one or two you can fill in with other spares and no-one can tell the difference!

Ideal for picnics, parties and other fun occasions.  Kids are sure to love them.

Price: £24.99

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Nigella Lawson Serving Hands Red

Scoop up handfuls of fresh salad and pasta with the professional touch from Nigella Lawson’s Serving Hands. OK, so they’re not actually Nigella’s hands, but they certainly make you feel more adept when handling food so they must be the next best thing!

Provided as a pair, these red melamine serving hands are fun and provide an instant talking point when entertaining guests.

Price: £9

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Melamine Polka – Bowl

This durable melamine Polka Dot tableware will add colour and style to outdoor eating occasions! This bowl is made from 100% melamine and has a diameter of 14.5cm.

You can also collect matching plates, picnic rug and hamper basket.

Price: £2.50

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Graze Nibbles Boxes

Order tasty food online and get it delivered to your house. Forget soggy sandwiches and junk food: with boxes containing everything from exotic goji berries to fresh pineapple, graze.com offers the perfect snacks and nibbles selection – and healthy at the same time!

Priced at £2.99, you can choose a box put together by the graze nutrition team, or set your own preferences.

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Eva Solo Leaf Bowls

Add some serious swankiness to your picnic! Recreating a natural leaf outline and body in highly polished metal, the Eva Solo Stainless Steel Leaf Bowls present a beautiful and stylish way to serve finger-food, while are resilient enough to travel in your hamper.

Available in three forms – a small Poplar leaf, medium Oak leaf and a gorgeous large Maple leaf – all are dishwasher safe.

Small poplar bowl £49

Medium Oak Bowl £59

Maple Large Bowl £119

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Barbecue Stand

For an easy, clean and safe way to instant BBQ, this reusable stand is the perfect way to avoid burnt patches on the grass or picnic table.

Simply place your disposable barbecue in the stylish chrome stand and you’re ready to cook your bangers and burgers!

Lightweight, compact and easy to use – the Asado Grill accommodates standard size disposable barbecues.

Price: £9.99

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DC/AC Electric Warm/Cool Box

A portable thermo-electric 24-Litre hot or cool box is the ideal solution when you need food and drink refrigeration or heating whilst out and about. Ideal for the car and outdoors, this innovative picnic box can keep its contents either cool or warm depending on your preference.

With both a 12v car adapter (simply plug into your car’s cigarette-lighter socket) and a UK mains plug, it has a long-lasting brushless motor, an environment-friendly peltier cooling system and a Gasket in its lid to achieve an airtight seal when closed.

Whether you are looking for an occasional portable picnic coolbox or more permanent one for the back of your car or horsebox, this 24 Litre heat/coolbox is the answer and has the capacity to pack a picnic for your whole party.

Price: £47.99

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