During the more prestigious race meetings fashion is known to be of great importance.

Much like the prominent racing culture – Nina Rai’s collections embody sophistication, art and elegance and exceed all expectations.

The milliner creates timeless haute couture investment pieces combining Swarovski and Austrian Crystals set in Black, Silver or Gold metalwork – carefully shaped and aged.

These pieces of wearable art, comprised of rhodium-plated and crystal headpieces are made for extravagant occasions ensuring an added elegance to any chosen ensemble. Nina Rai’s collection of hair slides and headpieces can be worn in a variety of ways and can be tailored to the client’s placement preferences.

Nina Rai’s attention to detail can be seen throughout her collections – feathers are hand-dyed and ironed to ensure the perfect fall and shaping, whilst crystals are chosen in subtle tones to create exquisite works of art.

Each collection is presented with a different style, from her 1920’s inspired tiaras to her modern, timeless haute couture headpieces.








Allison is the Publisher of Eclipse Magazine. She loves going to the Races and is learning to bet (despite being officially the worst bettor in the History of the Universe), there's a lot more to learn...

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