Newmarket’s July Festival: For the three days of the July Festival at Newmarket, racegoers have the opportunity to book in for a Moët & Chandon Dining Experience.

This is a premium Fine Dining menu coupled with specially selected champagne. What makes the three course meal different to any other is that all ingredients are chosen carefully to complement the array of Moët & Chandon champagnes used throughout this premium experience.

Why not treat yourself to this exclusive dining experience during the Moët & Chandon July Festival 2017. Be quick though, Ladies’ Day is already sold out and there is limited availability for Gentleman’s Day and Darley July Cup Day:

  • 13 July – Ladies Day | SOLD OUT
  • 14 July – Gentleman’s Day | £450 per person
  • 15 July – Darley July Cup Day | £450 per person

Moët & Chandon Champagne – Fun Facts

  • The name “Moët and Chandon” originated from two race horses. In 1908, Alfred Simon, Moët and Chandon’s British agent, won two races at Epsom on his horses “Moët” and “Chandon”. To celebrate his victories, he bought champagne for the whole racecourse.
  • 1815: the year that Champagne established itself as a luxury beverage at British racecourses.
  • Moët & Chandon have a vintage range and it is unknown when the next vintage champagne will be released. A vintage champagne is determined by unusual weather in a particular year which affects the grapes from the original source. The latest vintage champagne available is from 2008.
  • Champagne is best served from a Magnum bottle. The size of the bottle allows the aromas and flavours to age.



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