Bora Aksu took inspiration for his collection from women surviving in a hard world. Aksu shows an age of childhood innocence replaced by wisdom and strength. 

Aksu took his inspiration from the young innocent Vivian Girls in Henry Darger’s tale ‘In the Realms of the Unreal’ where they grow in strength after enduring years of sorrow fighting a revolution against the tyrannical universe.

Portraying young innocence, necklines were high with button-up collars and pussy bows, and chiffon layering brought a hazy fairytale look to the pieces. 
The prism shapes on this soft cashmere knit dress represented the shape of the simple childhood '50s spinning top toy. Colour palette was the dreamy soft shades of dusty pinks, light greys and creams. 

As the innocence is replaced with strength, the style became more structured and tailored. The colour palette darkened to greys, blacks and silver metallics with splashes of boldness in fuchsia, burnt orange and ruby red.

Most wearable everyday pieces:

Looking forward: Best outfit for The Cheltenham Festival 2013

This pale grey woollen suit is worn here with matching grey blouse. If the weather turns colder replace the blouse with a polo neck.

Aksu used the Baroque style print shown on the skirt throughout the collection, both on tailored and chiffon garments.

Check out his soon-to-be ‘must have’ patterned tights.

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Photographs by Christopher Dadey.






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