Did you know that 45% of people find a love interest at a sporting event? And do you know which sporting event gives you the best odds of finding a mate? You guessed it, horseracing.

But even if you go out for a day at the races with more than a simple flutter in mind, how can you tell which of the other racegoers are single and looking for romance too?

With MY Single Band the chance of finding a suitable partner instantly increases.

The launch of MY Single Band is a revolutionary concept. When worn, the band visibly identifies that the wearer is single, just like a wedding ring shows you are married. MY Single Band not only impresses upon others that there is so much choice out there, but also where that choice lies.

Knowing who is single:

  • Increases new encounters.
  • Lowers the fear of first introductions.
  • Suits busy modern lifestyles.

This simple approach is subtle yet identifiable, has a recognisable appeal and could be about to change the face of dating forever!

With the number of singles worldwide escalating into the hundreds of millions, meeting suitable partners should be straightforward, but in reality it is a different story. One problem is the inability to tell who is actually single, another is time restraints of busy social calendars and the fact that profile matches online seldom ending successful first dates.

The British-Danish collaboration behind MY Single Band recognised the difficulty in meeting other singles and set about creating a single identifier that would appeal to the mass market. The result is a silicone wristband designed in seven attractive colours, with the words ‘Fate, Destiny and Future’, together with three white debossed MY logos, encircling the band.

They come in three sizes and cost £6 each from www.mysingleworld.com .

With daters taking an increasingly proactive approach to finding a partner, MY Single Band might not be able to buy you love but it will certainly help you find it!


Allison is the Publisher of Eclipse Magazine. She loves going to the Races and is learning to bet (despite being officially the worst bettor in the History of the Universe), there's a lot more to learn...

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