With thoughts of gold medals likely to be on everyone’s mind in just a few weeks time, it is another, more unusual, form of gold that I’m interested in – the gold pearl. Whenever we think of pearls, many will be drawn to the iconic white pearl with its purity and simplicity. Given the pearl’s prevalence in popular culture and throughout history, this is very understandable. But there is a whole world of pearls out there to be discovered and one of the most unusual and sought after has the gorgeous warm colour tone of the gold.

In terms of sheer elegance and grace, the enduring allure of the colour of gold is seen by many to be one of life’s ultimate luxuries. Gold pearl jewellery is crafted with the stunning South Sea pearl from the gold-lipped saltwater oyster, which is carefully farmed in pristine tropical waters off the coasts of the Philippines and Indonesia.

The colour of these pearls should be natural, taking on the colour of the inside lining of the oyster’s shell, so be careful not to buy a colour treated pearl. The most prized gold pearls have a deep burnt orange colour and are very rare indeed. Once you’ve seen gold pearls you are likely to become besotted with them such is their beauty.

All That Glitters….

Pearls are such incredibly unique precious jewels, in fact the only gemstone to be formed within another living creature. It is easy to see why their popularity has risen exponentially over the years as cultured pearls have become widely available and affordable. Gold pearls are, without doubt, one of the most gorgeous varieties and if you’re looking for something to wear at an elegant, formal event, there is simply no better choice than a pair of gold pearl earrings or an opulent gold pearl necklace with sparkling diamonds. Take a look at a few of my favourite examples of gold pearls below:


Gold South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings














Gold South Sea Pearl Necklace with Pave Diamonds















Gold Pearl Pendant with Pave Diamonds















The Gold Standard

We associate gold with luxury and, with the exotic nature of these pearls, the gold pearl earrings, necklace or pendant above, would be highly likely to become amongst the most treasured items within your jewellery collection. These are also very versatile colours to wear with most skin tones and an ideal accessory for almost any outfit or occasion – be it formal or otherwise.

Jewellers too are exploring more creative designs beyond the classical single set of pearls and there is a stunning range of choice now. Whether you’re a lover of necklaces, earrings, pendants or rings, more than ever you will be likely to find a piece of jewellery to love. The colour of these gold pearls will certainly attract those compliments and perhaps you will wonder why you didn’t wear these beautiful gems sooner!

To buy pearl jewellery, including the pieces pictured, explore the pearl jewellery collections of Winterson.

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