Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and those lips need to be and look in kissable condition.

Before applying your perfect pout shade, pamper your lips with a little home spa treatment of the lip mask.

Divine Hydra-Gel Lip mask by Beauty Boulevard

Beauty Boulevard have expanded their Confessions range with a super hydrating mask, designed to plump and smooth dry and damaged lips. Developed with cutting edge Hydra-Gel technology, each mask contains natural Green Tea extract, nourishing Red Seaweed Plant and moisture boosting Hyaluronic Acid for prolonged hydration. Anti-oxidant rich Red Wine extract (and you thought that was just for drinking) and Collagen components help to plump and smooth lips for an overall more youthful appearance.

Price: £7.99 from

Treat yourself to a new lipstick for your perfect pout shade.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lipstick Collection

New for this year, Burt’s Bees have launched the ‘Lipstick That Loves You Back!’ . Thanks to a natural formula featuring community-sourced beeswax, Moringa oil and raspberry seed oil, this lipstick will help hydrate and moisturise dry lips leaving them feeling soft and smooth with up to eight hours of moisture.

Available in 18 shades including pinks, corals, nudes, reds, plums and berries. Pictured: 1. Magenta Rush; 2. Nile Nude; 3. Ruby Ripple.

Price: £9.99 each from

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Gloss Lip Crayon

Following the success of their Matte Lip Crayon, Burt’s Bees have introduced a new crayon with a velvety gloss finish. Key ingredients are Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Kendi oil rich in Omega 3 and community-sourced beeswax to help keep the lips hydrated and moisturised for up to eight hours.

Available in six shades with names conjuring up romantic travels to put you in the mood for love: Bordeaux Vines, Outback Oasis, Pacific Coast, Pink Lagoon, Santorini Sunrise and Tahitian Sunset.

Price: £9.99 each from

Benefit Double The Lip

Benefit’s new Double The Lip collection has been launched just in time for Valentine’s. A lip liner and lipstick in one, Double The Lip helps to achieve the perfect pout in one simple stroke. The end of this lipstick duo is a teardrop shape, featuring the lip liner at the tip of the teardrop. This teardrop combo helps define the lip line whilst filling in the rest of the lip with a complementary colour for the appearance of volume and dimension.

How to use: position the tip of the teardrop along the upper lip line and glide on. Pivot to fill in the lower lip.

Available in eight shades with risqué names for an exciting evening: 1. Criminally Coral; 2. Flame Game; 3. Fuchsia Fever; 4. Juicy Berry; 5. Lusty Rose; 6. Nude Scandal; 7. Pink Thrills; and 8. Revved Up Red.

Price: £16.50 each from

Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard 

Make sure your lips get the attention they deserve with a sparkling Valentine’s pout created by Beauty Boulevard’s Glitter Lips.

Get your shimmer on and leave a lasting impression with 16 glamorous shades: from silver (Disco Kiss Go) to pewter (Dark Disorder); gold (Guilty Rose) to chocolate (Cocoa Loco); lilac (Ultra Glam) to deep purple (Purple Reign) and pale pink (Diamond in the Buff) to deep red (Ruby Slippers – pictured).

Don’t worry that the glitter will be wiped off after the first kiss, this powerful lip-gloss bond formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, and designed to stay in place for eight hours, so you can guarantee that your lips will never lose their glimmer.

The Glitter Lips Kit includes the lip-gloss bond, premium cosmetic glitter and an easy to use applicator.

Price: £12.99, available from Superdrug and

After the night is over, your lips still need some tender loving care. Wipe off the remains of any lipstick carefully with lipstick remover (for Glitter Lips it must be oil-based) and apply lip balm.

Hempz Lip Balm

Hempz Lip balm is enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil for soft, smooth and hydrated lips, whilst smelling and tasting of sweet citrus. Ideal for those that suffer with chapped lips, especially during the colder months!

Hempz Lips Balm is 100% Vegan, Paraben Free, Gluten Free and THC Free.

Price: £7.99 from

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