Designer Christopher Julian Garner has embarked on a journey to create a headwear label that is as unique as you are.

Using a mix of traditional millinery techniques and inventive new processes, he has created his first ever complete collection for Spring–Summer/Autumn–Winter 2016 comprising 25 handmade, unique pieces that reflect the inspiration behind the collection.

Childhood days spent with his mother among flowers, twisted branches and floral arrangements so beautiful you could not find them in nature, he found his inspiration for his first collection in the Japanese floral art of Ikebana.

The designer’s mother was given the name ‘Ki Mi’ upon completing her tuition in Ikebana, and it is this name that he has appropriated for the collection. He saw this Japanese art as a way to create stunning headpieces through colour combination, natural shapes and graceful lines. The collection is composed of many different materials and arrangements, taking full advantage of the designer’s artistic eye to create harmony between material, the wearer and their setting – very much in line with the principles of Ikebana.

Like Ikebana, millinery is a disciplined art in which the creative process requires certain rules of construction before moving onto free creation. To understand the complexities of this art form, the designer trained at the London College of Fashion Millinery Summer School in 2014. The design of each piece in the collection saw the designer work with asymmetrical forms an essential feature of the composition.

For three days – the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of October 2015 – the collection will be presented in the beautiful Glass Room at the Maidstone Museum, giving members of the public the rare opportunity to view the collection free-of-charge before it goes on sale at from the 26th of October 2015.

As a resident of Maidstone and a believer in supporting local enterprise, the designer felt instinctively that the Museum was the perfect space in which to exhibit his first collection. There will be a chance to book an appointment after the presentation for customers to try on the collection at the designer’s studio.

The designer has shot the collection’s advertising campaign with Photographer Chloe Chudasama, Hairstylist Chelsea Purcell and Make-Up Artist Jamie Leigh Smith. The Models are Angela Lyon, Emma Mitchell, Kate Errington and Annie O’Quigley. They are all beautiful, local talents. 
In addition to the Ki Mi collection, the designer also creates bespoke personal orders starting at £75.

Please visit to see some examples and order your own, or to get in touch for more information.
Keep up to date via the label’s social media channels, and join in on the journey:

FACEBOOK – Julian Garner Headwear

INSTAGRAM – @TheJulianGarner

TWITTER – @TheJulianGarner


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