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Remember those distant times of only eight months ago when it seemed that life was boring?

With Mars retrograding through Libra sign, bringing with it attendant issues concerning teamwork and individuality, you can't hide under the blanket or otherwise ignore things, because if you do you'll find yourself reacting instead of acting, and playing subsequent catch-up.

The ongoing Grand Cross pattern is at its most intense during April, with three separate waves.

At the start of the month, the urgency of the moment is apparent in the lives of all around you, and it's going to be difficult to hold yourself in without allowing others influence to have an effect.

And at the end of April, the Grand Cross hits its strongest point, bringing for many of you the conclusion to issues that in some cases have been bugging you for years and years.

In many ways this month is 'end game' for many of you, but that need not be negative. Instead, why not view it as weeding and pruning, clearing the decks and making room for the future to come in without having to negotiate old baggage.

It is the middle ten days of April that are the most important, symbolised primarily by the three days around the 15th, when the annual Libran full Moon is totally eclipsed by the Earth from the Sun, and moonlight will be blocked for a few minutes.

Pay more attention than usual to what you are doing at this eclipse, and be just a little more careful than normal. The rest of 2014? Let's get you to May first.

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Steve Judd is an astrologer with over 30 years experience. He has a Master of Arts Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and has an office in Walcot Street, in Bath, the only astrologer in the UK to have a drop-in practice. He works on character analysis, past explanation, present expansion and future exploration.