Author: Steve Judd

Annual Horoscopes 2017 – by Steve Judd

Annual Horoscope 2017 – The Global Outlook After the Saturn/Neptune square inspired dross of 2016, it’s refreshing to move into a new year, especially one that’s (dare I say it) so full of hope! The nearly year-long trine from Saturn to Uranus, both in fire signs, will on the one hand bring an element of personalised structure into some of the chaos of recent times, whilst at the same time revolutionising our limitations. The corresponding sextile from Jupiter to Saturn, lasting until September, will also have a hopefully positive influence on the economies, both global and personal. Even the...

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Aries Annual Horoscope 2017

Aries Annual Horoscope 2017 This year – 2017 – will be a better year than 2016, with a number of financial and business opportunities presenting themselves during the first nine months. The first quarter of the year should be the innovative times, with produce emerging during the second and third quarter. From October onwards, the pressure begins to dissipate. 2017 is not so much novel or original, but it seizes upon some of the ideas forged from the challenges of 2016 and adds an element of structure and hard work, resulting in feelings of both establishment and consolidation. The...

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Annual Horoscope 2017 – Taurus

Annual Horoscope 2017 – Taurus The generally laid back and quiet energy of 2016 continues into 2017, at least until October when Jupiter moves into your opposite sign and one to one interactions suddenly become more proactive. There’s no sign of any major new opposition or challenge coming up for most of you and even those who are having difficulties should be able to persevere their way through. Some of you are looking decidedly healthy from an astrological viewpoint, with increased psychological wealth and good physical health. Store your energy because from October you may need to call on your...

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Annual Horoscope 2017 – Gemini

Annual Horoscope 2017 – Gemini 2017 will be much of a mixed bag for many of you. May Gemini’s should have a peaceful time of things; early June people will have their own specific challenges; those born in the second week of June will be uncharacteristically quiet; and those born in the middle ten days of June are going to be under the microscope. Saturn and Jupiter, combined at times with Uranus, will make life interesting to say the least, with a mixture of growth and restriction, so it seems that creativity will be forged from a combination of...

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Cancer Annual Horoscope 2017

Annual Horoscope 2017 – Cancer 2016 has been a really difficult year for many of you, and I’m afraid that this energy of pressure, challenge and the unpredictable continues until at least halfway through 2017. You can complain all you like, but that won’t help. So metaphorically hide under the blankets and pull your shell over yourself, or else get out there and get stuck in. Achievements that are born of hard effort will become strong and stable for the long term future, so if you’re going to do anything substantial, do it properly or not at all. From...

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