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London Fashion Week Songzio Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017

London Fashion Week Songzio – Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Titled: Misanthrope Titled ‘Misanthrope’, the designer’s vision was the story of a young man, walking the cold yet serene street on an eerie morning of an unknown city. This stern and almost ascetic young man immersed in his own high sense of beauty and life finds himself charmed and warmed by the winter lights piercing the cold mist of dawn. Conjuring up images of the beautiful and well dressed Dorian Gray, this romantic collection has a dark dapper touch reminiscent of the Victorian London era with high collared shirts, neckties and long flowing...

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London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017: Oliver Spencer

London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017: Oliver Spencer AW17 Collection, Titled: Tough Love. For AW17, designer Oliver Spencer wanted to toughen up his designs and so named his collection ‘Tough Love’. Inspired by pared-back modern day menswear, he has created a collection with straightforward silhouettes whilst using an eclectic array of fabrics and textures. The main colour palette of neutral greys, navy and blacks is accented by two completely different colour contrasts: One, a bold autumnal burst of burnt orange and forest green. Colours you expect to see in an Autumn/Winter collection – earthy, masculine and grown up. The second is of...

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London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017: Chester Barrie

London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Chester Barrie AW17 Collection Featuring their new See it Now Buy It Now range Chester Barrie’s Autumn Winter 2017 collection blends opulence, elegance and sophistication to create a collection that lends an air of authority and brings a sense of style to gentlemen who know the value of good dressing. Take this style to the autumn/winter races and shine! See It Now, Buy It Now! Be ahead of AW17 fashion and wear it now at the winter races. Chester Barrie has launched a five piece capsule range which features the finest elements of his AW17 collection and...

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Men’s Christmas Fashion – A Corduroy Christmas

Men’s Christmas Fashion: Although corduroy translates in to ‘Cord of the King’, we do associate it more with professors, struggling artists and the bohemian scene rather than royalty. It is a hardwearing and warm fabric which, alas, unlike the regal velvet and super wools, will never be invited to the (black tie) ball. But for all those other festive parties and gatherings you will be attending, the corduroy suit will become a prince amongst the business suits. Jigsaw’s Bloomsbury navy corduroy suit is woven in Italy from cotton with a slight stretch (great for all those big Xmas dinners)....

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What to wear for Christmas – Velvet adds the Magic Touch!

What to wear for Christmas: Velvet has always been a classic favourite during the festive season due to its warmth and luxurious feel. This year it has taken the fashion world by (wintry) storm appearing on every single garment from head to toe! It has been plucked out from its comfy classic domain and thrust in to the fashion limelight to become the darling fabric of the fashionistas. Throw out those simple classic rules (for this season anyway) and go wild over velvet. The Velvet Party Dress High up in the trend stakes with this season’s must have pleated...

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