Author: John Timpson

TIMPSONIAN: Dare we Prophecy a Star amongst Diminishing Returns?

Although I work on the principle that the horses, on average, run six races a season, in practice most turn out less often, but this season felt full of runners during October and November. With the retirement of Pretty Mobile I was down to nine horses in training, below the 12 that Alex regarded as ideal, but still enough to provide plenty of action. When Alex died in January 2016, it was inevitable that I would continue racing, it was part of her legacy, but I have yet to buy a new horse to add to Alex’s stable. It...

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TIMPSONIAN September 2016: Last season’s round-up lays the groundwork for this coming Jump season

It’s a long time since I posted my last blog, which reported the death of my dear Alex, at the beginning of January. The day after Alex died I was talking to a close friend, who lost his wife five years ago. “Keep busy,” he said, “Whenever you are asked to do something the answer is yes.” I have been following his advice. Since January I’ve had seven holidays, played tennis with Tim Henman, recorded Desert Island Discs, been a panellist on Any Questions, ridden on just about every roller coaster at Universal Studios (twice), spoken at 20 conferences...

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Timpsonian: ‘Winter goes grey so you can see your own colors…’

Timpsonian Title quote by Terri Guillemets By the time we got to Bangor to watch The Artful Cobbler run in a novice hurdle, there were no disabled spaces left in the owners and trainers car park, but we had a bit of luck. The guy on the gate, who we discovered has a wheelchair-bound daughter, took sympathy and moved some of the tape that was reserving a prime spot for the imminent arrival of the Princess Royal and her party. It gave me only a short distance to push Alex to the owners and trainers entrance and across to the...

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Timpsonian: The new season leaps into profit!

This is my first blog since April. I know it’s a long gap but there are several reasons why. Not much happens during the summer. We haven’t had any horses at a racecourse and we didn’t go to the Doncaster sales, but Venetia Williams successfully tempted me to buy a new horse when she told me that its name Un Prophete, when put into a search engine is translated as ‘in profit’. I am hopeful that this will be the first of Alex’s horses that will make me money. We certainly haven’t made anything out of Rubber Sole, a...

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Timpsonian: Non-runners

When, in Spring 2014, we agreed to concentrate on Saturday horses, with the hope of running in big races for top prize money, we knew it would take time for our new policy to produce a string of winners. But we did expect that, during January and February, we would be drawing up careful plans to prepare most of our horses for their appearance at Cheltenham. As it happened, we had other things on our minds. Alex spent the second week of January in hospital for three precautionary procedures to help prevent infection from the side effects of her...

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