Author: Coraline Turner

Do you want a hemline that shows off your legs?

Looking for a hemline that shows off your legs? The ‘Handkerchief Hem’ dress could be your answer… A dress with a  handkerchief hemline is a wonderful way to show off sun kissed legs – especially when you add a bit of sparkle. In The Times fashion (19th July 2017) writer Anna Murphy spoke of how she’s  in love with handkerchief hems aka HH: “they are feminine and flattering – and I’d like more of them…”. I have to confess to you Ms Murphy is right; it’s the way in which this particular style of dress is cut, there is...

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Button front closures – what’s with the peek a boo gap?

Have you ever worn a blouse or dress that buttons at the centre front (imagine an invisible line in between your breastbone), only to find there are gaps where your bra, or other parts of your anatomy can be seen? Well there are a few reasons for this: The garment may be too tight in the bust area The garment may be too small The garment may be too small across the back You could be wearing the wrong size bra It’s not just the gaping in this area, it’s also the visible strain which can be seen across the...

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The Dressmaker, The Designer, The Designer-Maker – their roles in your wardrobe

The designer-maker: A few years ago there was a BBC period drama called ‘The House of Eliott’, two sisters Beatrice and Evangeline Elliot decide to set up what was initially described as a ‘dressmaking business’ for private clients. It was a wonderful series – who would have thought that a house of Couture in London could contain so much intrigue! There was an expression used in one particular episode that had me on the edge of my seat, and fuming at the television. A cad of a character called Ralph Saroyan who had swindled the girls out of their...

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How to look good in Trousers

Trousers, pants, slacks, some fashion historians say these bifurcated garments took their design from bloomers, and were adopted by Mrs Amelia Bloomer, a social activist for women’s reform whom it is suggested also felt that women should be less restricted in their clothing for certain activities. If you’d like to know How to look good in Trousers, read on… It’s interesting to note nowadays that trousers are seen as the norm in replacing a skirt, yet there was a time when ‘women wearing trousers’ was an absolute no-no as a form of dress, especially in the workplace. Even more interesting are shorts today: they were once an item...

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Why Do Garments Pill?

Why Do Garments Pill: Pilling: those pesky little bobbles that don’t respect your clothes can be the bane of your wardrobe closet. So what exactly is pilling? Well they are the small balls of fibres that form on clothing, the cause of which is from rubbing or abrasion. To explain further, I have a wool and cashmere coat, beautiful quality, but I carry my handbag over my right shoulder, and as the bag rubs against the top of my waist I have noticed that the right side of the coat is not only pilling but becoming worn in that area. Yes it’s a coat that I...

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