Author: Coraline Turner

The Dressmaker, The Designer, The Designer-Maker – their roles in your wardrobe

The designer-maker: A few years ago there was a BBC period drama called ‘The House of Eliott’, two sisters Beatrice and Evangeline Elliot decide to set up what was initially described as a ‘dressmaking business’ for private clients. It was a wonderful series – who would have thought that a house of Couture in London could contain so much intrigue! There was an expression used in one particular episode that had me on the edge of my seat, and fuming at the television. A cad of a character called Ralph Saroyan who had swindled the girls out of their...

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How to look good in Trousers

Trousers, pants, slacks, some fashion historians say these bifurcated garments took their design from bloomers, and were adopted by Mrs Amelia Bloomer, a social activist for women’s reform whom it is suggested also felt that women should be less restricted in their clothing for certain activities. If you’d like to know How to look good in Trousers, read on… It’s interesting to note nowadays that trousers are seen as the norm in replacing a skirt, yet there was a time when ‘women wearing trousers’ was an absolute no-no as a form of dress, especially in the workplace. Even more interesting are shorts today: they were once an item...

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Why Do Garments Pill?

Why Do Garments Pill: Pilling: those pesky little bobbles that don’t respect your clothes can be the bane of your wardrobe closet. So what exactly is pilling? Well they are the small balls of fibres that form on clothing, the cause of which is from rubbing or abrasion. To explain further, I have a wool and cashmere coat, beautiful quality, but I carry my handbag over my right shoulder, and as the bag rubs against the top of my waist I have noticed that the right side of the coat is not only pilling but becoming worn in that area. Yes it’s a coat that I...

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What is a bias cut dress? How a 1920s classic style is still relevant today

If ever there was a style of dress that could be described as the seductress of fashion, a bias cut dress would definitely be a nominee for the title. Its influence dates back to ancient Egypt and Greece, where fabric was draped across the body and secured with jewellery. Moving forward fashion to the 19th century, historians record Madeline Vionnet (1876–1975) as one of the innovators of this provocative dress that favours the body’s natural form.  A form of dress that was in rebellion to the rigid corsets of the time, which had a tendency to distort a woman’s...

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What is Bespoke Clothing – What does it mean?

What is Bespoke Clothing: Coral Turner, couture designer, explains the meaning of ‘bespoke’ and how it can boost your fashion flair. The Oxford dictionary states that ‘bespoke’ means ‘made to order’; in this instance we are talking about clothing, however bespoke also applies to many other lifestyle items such as furniture and jewellery. Another terminology used in relation to bespoke garments, is ‘made to measure’ which means that the garment is ‘made to your measurements’. ‘Bespoke made-to-measure’, is not a phrase that is often used, instead the wording ‘bespoke tailoring’, or ‘garments that are made to measure’ is more familiar. Bespoke...

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