May 2008: Every year Clare Balding is besieged by television viewers wishing to know who has made her Royal Ascot outfit!

At a meeting where what you wear is almost more important than what’s running, only the very best will do, so this year Clare’s outfit is by royal designer Laura Benjamin, while her hat is by John Boyd, a favourite milliner for Ascot ladies, as well as the royal family.

“Royal Ascot is the most difficult week of the year for me because I must look right for the occasion as well as feeling comfortable and confident for my job,” says Clare. “The whole look has to strike the right chord: neither too showy nor too dull. It’s not easy but luckily I get some very good advice from Laura B and Mr Boyd.” 

Clothes by Laura Benjamin, Laura B, 8 Yeomans Row, Knightsbridge SW3 1NQ. Tel. 0207 581 4123.

Hats by John Boyd, 16 Beauchamp Place, South Kensington, London SW3 1NQ. Tel. 0207 589 7601.

Photographs by Tony Arnold

Allison Graham

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