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Who says helicopters are only for top jockeys and rich owners?! With this mini-marvel flying high is not only low-budget but you don't even need to leave the house! 


"Perfection has been achieved in remote control helicopters!" says "Having had a sample Gyro Master Remote Control Helicopter in the office for several weeks we've been stunned by the controllability and FUN of this amazing new model." 

Measuring around 19 cm long (1:64 scale), this model includes a high capacity (130mah) battery for extra power and flight time, and has front canopy LED lights that make it look amazing in day- or night-time flying. 

Extremely durable, it features reinforced polymer body design and strong blades. Control is achieved with an on-board gyroscopic stability system while the 130mah battery gives it extra buzz.  

For extra fun, up to three helicopters can be flown at the same time so unleash your competitive streak and grab your friends and workmates to see who's the ultimate pilot! 

Everything that is required to get you into the air as quickly as possible is included in the pack (you just need to buy six AA batteries for the controller). Designed mainly for indoor flight, this cutting-edge remote control helicopter can also be used outside in ZERO wind conditions. And just in case you do have a "Mayday!" moment, each helicopter comes with two spare back propellers and main blade set to get you back in the air as fast as possible.

You can re-charge your 'copter via the remote controller or the USB port on your computer (USB cable supplied).

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Didn't win? You can buy the Gyro Master Remote Control Helicopter online at - in single, double or three-packs!